Wind River and BT getting together for edge cloud computing for 5G


Industrial IoT solutions provider Wind River has joined forces with British multinational telecom firm BT to demonstrate edge cloud compute applications.

The announcement, made at the SDN NFV World Congress in the Netherlands, also showcases Wind River’s Titanium Cloud, its deployment-ready virtualisation software platform.

5G applications will need to locate compute power and capacity close to where the traffic originates; however, the application logic has always existed in the data centre. But in the future, when 5G will continuously be used for autonomous driving or industrial IoT, there will be a demand for diverse network locations for their logic. These are the cases, the companies argue, where computing has to happen much closer to the end device.

The proof of concept platform, which runs on a BT cellular base station, features an edge cloud compute node using the Titanium Cloud virtualisation platform and a local traffic offload capability from Italian software-based mobile core provider, Athonet. The proof of concept highlights multiple 5G edge cloud computing use cases, such as: remote vehicle control for traffic/route management, V2V and V2I for collision avoidance.

The Titanium Cloud portfolio includes a fully integrated, reliable, and deployment-ready virtualisation platform that allows service providers to deploy virtualised services quicker and with high uptime – and that too at lower cost. Titanium Cloud offers a suitable software infrastructure for the rigorous demands of critical infrastructure applications like industrial control and telecommunications networks.

Another company which made its presence felt at the event was Centina, a network performance management and strategic assurance solutions provider. The company is showcasing its vSure product as well as exploring themes around network automation. “The road to virtual network transformation is challenging, and the most critical concern for today’s operators is the ability to maintain and exceed service levels during this migration,” said Centina CEO Anand Gonuguntla. “Our solution offers this guarantee to service providers and assures them that their SLAs around customer experience will be met.”

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