Optical networks are the backbone of most networks yet many assurance solutions today lack the protocol support and sophistication to support them properly. The result is that in many cases optical networks go unmonitored, or are only monitored by vendor management systems.

vSure™ supports all types of optical networking technologies including SONET/SDH, DWDM, OTN, and submarine systems. This includes full support for protocols used in these networks including TL1 and CORBA. This is across all disciplines including inventory, fault, performance, and service management.

Furthermore, vSure also fully supports diverse and redundant communication mechanisms including the ability to communicate with subtended nodes through gateway nodes and having secondary communication paths that can be used in case of fiber cuts.

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Centina's vSure® is a highly scalable, customer-centric strategic assurance solution that offers a full 360 degree view of any type or size network so that businesses can streamline and manage the quality and availability of their networks and services.

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