NFV and SDN Assurance

Monitor and optimize virtual networks comprehensively

In an SDN/NFV world, operators must have the ability to have end-to-end visibility, troubleshoot problems, have quick and flexible access to analytics, and automate optimization and remediation. Centina offers a production, go-to-market solution for operators looking to leverage the benefits of virtualization while improving network and service performance.

vSure® offers holistic assurance of NFV and SDN assets and enables businesses to successfully operationalize virtual network investments. vSure monitors the application, virtual, and physical components independently and dynamically models the relationships between them providing a complete picture of how a disaggregated function is performing. vSure offers comprehensive capabilities to handle the volatility and elastic nature of cloud and SDN infrastructure. vSure complements orchestration and completes the stack with a feedback loop into orchestration and cloud controllers.


Service Modeling and Visualization

vSure provides open, bi-directional API integrations to popular orchestration systems. These integrations provide automatic stitching of discovered virtual assets providing a complete graph of resources for each service.

vSure provides complete end-to-end visualization of all NFV and SDN services that is both hierarchical and multi-layer. This visualization also includes integrated alarming, availability, performance, service quality, and SLA conformance information making it a single view for comprehensive assessment of service health. Benefits include:

  • Dynamic and accurate view of which resources are support each virtual service
  • Consolidated view of the health of each service and resource
  • Quick troubleshooting of impacted services

Advanced Analytics

vSure provides several analytic functions that are key to understanding network health and automatically remediating and optimizing virtual networks.


Root-Cause Analysis

vSure provides sophisticated multi-step analysis of incoming event and alarm streams that filters out symptomatic issues and identifies root-causes. vSure’s innovative smart-plugins comprehensively model causality and normalize hard and soft failures across vendors automatically. This, combined with analytics which focus on key concepts, allow vSure to determine root-cause and suppress symptomatic events with limited configuration.

Benefits include:

  • Automatic identification of root-cause failures across all layers – application, virtual, physical, networking
  • Automatic correlation and suppression of symptomatic failures


Impact Analysis

As the world moves more towards virtualization and disaggregation, network and application services are becoming more layered and elastic. A network function is now a virtualized application that runs on top of virtual infrastructure which runs on top of physical servers. The relationship between physical and virtual is now much more volatile making it more difficult to understand the impact of any given physical failure.

vSure leverages its comprehensive, cross-domain graph database along with dynamic, bi-directional smart plug-ins to accurately track every service graph. vSure’s rich discovery capabilities, coupled with inventory and orchestration integrations, enrich and stitch together the service graphs providing a complete top-to-bottom view.

This allows vSure to propagate outages throughout the service graph providing visualization and understanding of impacts in real-time.

Benefits include:

  • One-click access to customer impact of any issue
  • See who and what is affected in real-time to quickly prioritize response and resolution
  • Easily export impact reports for analysis and action

Service Quality Assessment

vSure dynamically grades the service quality of virtual services and provides graphical and tabular visualization of service quality combined with business context. Benefits include:

  • Rich and powerful assessment of service quality presented in a way meaningful to your business
  • Insight into which markets, regions, or customers are performing poorly

Closed-Loop Feedback

vSure automation provides dynamic, automated actions to root-cause issues. It provides feedback to orchestration, cloud, and SDN controllers so that failed or poor performing virtual services can be remediated or optimized. Benefits include:

  • Automatic resolution of issues without manual intervention
  • Increased consistency of problem resolution
  • Reduced MTTR

Support for Hybrid Networks


vSure provides out-of-the box support for OpenStack environments. This includes comprehensive monitoring of OpenStack infrastructure as well as discovery and monitoring of virtual assets running on top of OpenStack.  The dynamic, API based integration ensures vSure always has an accurate view of elastically changing resources.


vSure provides out-of-the box support for OpenDaylight and other SDN controllers. Via dynamic API based integration, vSure can discover and monitor all software defined assets that are under the control of each controller.


Leveraging vSure’s class leading smart plug-in’s, support for any device or protocol is as simple as installing an app on your phone. Centina’s extensive library of smart plug-ins covers all types of devices including:

  • Mobile
  • Wireless
  • Wireline
  • Access
  • Core
  • Datacenter and IT
  • Facilities
Smart Plug

This allows vSure to comprehensively monitor your entire infrastructure providing a complete, holistic view of network health.

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Centina's vSure® is a highly scalable, customer-centric strategic assurance solution that offers a full 360 degree view of any type or size network so that businesses can streamline and manage the quality and availability of their networks and services.

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