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Improve network availability and reduce operations costs

vSure® Fault Management is a highly scalable, high-performance unified fault and event management system. It helps increase efficiency and speed to problem resolution by consolidating events and alarms from all of your infrastructure into a single platform.

vSure focuses on solving the ongoing challenges faced by network operation centers that prevent them from improving network availability and customer experience. vSure empowers the end user to visualize network events and automate actions and notifications with ease.

Advanced features such as synchronization, thresholding, and correlation help reduce noise and pin-point important issues. vSure’s easy to use workflow automation provides a broad range of notification, enrichment, and automation functions that increases operator efficiency while increasing consistency at the same time.

vSure smart-plugins synchronize, normalize, and correlate fault and event information across all vendors and technologies providing broad coverage with minimal integration effort giving very quick time to value.

vSure Alarm Screen
vSure Alarms Dashboard

Unified fault and event management

vSure provides comprehensive monitoring, correlation, and consolidation of fault and event information across any size or type of infrastructure using a variety of protocols including but not limited to SNMP, TL1, CORBA, API, ASCII and syslog.

vSure automatically synchronizes active alarms with all devices detecting missed alarm raises or missed clears which can occur when an outage affects connectivity to part of the network. This allows vSure to accurately project the current state of alarms in the network at any given time.

vSure empowers network operators to quickly configure views of network alarms, topology maps and reports to meet their current needs. vSure’s highly intuitive user interface allows users to be productive with minimal training and to process and act on large volumes of information quickly and easily.

Benefits include:

  • Monitor your entire infrastructure from a single pane of glass
  • Empower your operators to get information quickly and easily

Comprehensive network and device discovery

vSure performs comprehensive layer 2 and layer 3 network discovery including in-depth device discovery of physical and logical entities including cards, ports, and logical ports. vSure uses this information to automatically enrich alarms as well as to enhance searching, sorting, and reporting of alarm information.

Discovery can be initiated manually or be scheduled to occur on a recurring basis. Discovered inventory can also be exported for reconciliation purposes.

Benefits include:

  • Comprehensive, automatic network discovery
  • Deep discovery of devices
  • Automatic enrichment of alarming

Topology Maps

Topology maps with graphical overlays

vSure creates both logical and physical GIS based maps of your network. No manual effort is required to create or update network maps. vSure also overlays alarm information on top of the maps and allows users to drill down into current alarms to quickly pinpoint the source of an outage.

Benefits Include:

  • Visualize where issues are occurring in your infrastructure
  • Quickly drill-down into affected services or devices

Visualize hierarchal, cross-domain services

Quickly view service health with consolidated topology, alarming, and performance data with quick access to impacted customers and services. Easily drill down through all network layers to troubleshoot service issues.

Benefits include:

  • Comprehensive service visualization regardless of vendor, technology, or protocol
  • Provides views of impacted services and customers in real-time
  • Dramatically speeds troubleshooting to improve customer experience
vSure Event View Screen

Determine root-cause and suppress symptomatic issues

A typical NOC handles several thousands to millions of events per day. Less than 1% of these events are relevant and tend to be symptomatic issues. Several available solutions on the market today offer rules-based Root Cause Analysis (RCA) tools to identify the underlying reason for an event. This approach is very manual, expensive and error prone. It is also very time-consuming to implement and maintain, as the rules and topology have to be continually updated.

vSure’s innovative smart-plugins comprehensively model causality and normalize hard and soft failures across vendors automatically. This, combined with analytics which focus on key concepts, allow vSure to determine root-cause and suppress symptomatic events with limited configuration.

Benefits include:

  • Reduce noise by automatically relating and suppressing symptomatic issues
  • Improve Mean Time To Repair by focusing on root-cause issues first

Determine impact of issues

As the world moves more towards virtualization and disaggregation, network and application services are becoming more layered and elastic. A network function is now a virtualized application that runs on top of virtual infrastructure which runs on top of physical servers. The relationship between physical and virtual is now much more volatile making it more difficult to understand the impact of any given physical failure.

vSure leverages its comprehensive, cross-domain graph database along with dynamic, bi-directional smart plug-ins to accurately track every service graph. vSure’s rich discovery capabilities, coupled with inventory and orchestration integrations, enrich and stitch together the service graphs providing a complete top-to-bottom view.

This allows vSure to propagate outages throughout the service graph providing visualization and understanding of impacts in real-time.

Benefits include:

  • One-click access to customer impact of any issue
  • See who and what is affected in real-time to quickly prioritize response and resolution
  • Easily export impact reports for analysis and action


Workflow automation and notification

vSure’s Workflow Designer is unique in the industry – it allows operators and administrators to easily create graphical workflows to automate the processing and sending of notifications of alarms; tasks such as assigning alarms, clearing or deferring alarms, changing the severity or priority of alarms, adding a comment to alarms, creating a trouble ticket, accessing an external database to add information to an alarm, executing an external program or function, interfacing with a 3rd party system as well as sending the alarm as an email or SMS to users or groups. All of these actions can be configured to occur automatically based on alarm conditions using simple filters and actions.

Benefits include:

  • Automatic notification of important issues
  • Automatic escalation of issues to users and groups
  • Automatic integration with other systems for enrichment


Easily create sophisticated graphical and tabular reports with vSure’s easy-to-use report designer including detailed, summary, and top-n type of reports. vSure supports several report run modes including interactive as well as batch modes with scheduling capabilities. In interactive mode, vSure reports are displayed in real-time in the browser and support drill-down capabilities. In batch mode, reports are generated in the background and can be delivered directly to your inbox automatically.

vSure also includes an advanced mode which allows for reporting from any database including external sources such as trouble ticketing systems. This allows external data to be pulled into vSure easily.

Benefits Include:

  • Create specific reports which present data in a form useful to you
  • See resource utilization and plan for the future
  • Report on data from external systems

Dashboards Screen


vSure dashboards allow users to create their own customized user interface allowing them to view all the information they need access to on a single page. Event and alarm lists, performance reports, topology displays, and URLs can be easily added to a dashboard page. Dashboards are drag-and-drop based and can easily be arranged as desired.

Furthermore, dashboards are fully interactive allowing you to acknowledge alarms or drill into performance issues as you would with any other page in vSure. Dashboards can also be shared with other users and groups.

Benefits Include:

  • Create customized, interactive views that summarize service and network health
  • Create views for specific groups and departments

Smart Plug-ins

vSure smart plug-ins contain all metrics needed to fully monitor every type of device, regardless of protocol. With its drag-and-drop delivery and huge library of plugins to choose from vSure offers quick time to value with minimal effort.

Smart Plug

Carrier-grade scalability

vSure’s linear scale-out architecture allows on-demand capacity expansion and supports any size network. With proven scalability to millions of devices it is well suited for even the largest networks.

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Centina's vSure® is a highly scalable, customer-centric strategic assurance solution that offers a full 360 degree view of any type or size network so that businesses can streamline and manage the quality and availability of their networks and services.

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