Broadband Subscriber Monitoring

End-to-end performance management of cable broadband infrastructure

DOCSIS cable networks are a popular choice of broadband service delivery. It enables reliable, high-speed transmission rates at competitive costs. However, DOCSIS networks inherently provide some monitoring challenges that make it difficult to get an end-to-end view of any given subscriber’s service quality. In particular, the HFC plant, which is used for at least the last mile delivery, is passive in nature making it difficult to detect and isolate impairments. Add to that the heterogeneous nature of most service provider networks and proactive, comprehensive monitoring is a challenge.

Cable Assurance

To meet these challenges, vSure® provides an end-to-end view of the entire DOCSIS network and couples multiple types of monitoring with sophisticated analytics to allow operators to:

  • Effectively monitor, analyze, diagnose, and proactively react to subscriber issues
  • Isolate soft and hard impairments in the HFC plant in near real time
  • Identify the impact of congestion or degradation
  • Geographically visualize subscriber service quality
  • Enable field technicians to measure, record, and recall service characteristics

Integrated Subscriber and Device Performance Views

vSure provides a unified view of subscriber and device details along with real-time performance metrics to speed trouble resolution and identify device level issues.

Cable diagnostics allows operators and technicians to apply automated, configurable algorithms to diagnose likely issues with customer devices with scriptable next steps.

In addition, users can take a snapshot of device metrics to save as a birth certificate and ongoing performance snapshots for comparison to further aid in diagnosing issues.

Benefits include:

  • Quickly search, rank, and visualize subscriber and device details
  • Automatically diagnose subscriber performance problems
  • Create birth-certificates of modem and MTA performance

Passive Equipment Trouble Isolation

In a cable HFC network from the CMTS to the subscriber devices is a network of passive devices; fiber nodes, amps, taps, which do not communicate their status or health. If these devices fail or are damaged, it is up to the service provider to launch a truck roll to physically determine where the failure is in the passive network. This is a time consuming process that dramatically affects customer experience and increases churn.

vSure leverages its high-speed polling engine, graph database and analytics engine to pinpoint passive network outages in real time allowing the provider to initiate a truck roll to the site of the trouble, not to diagnose and troubleshoot the issue resulting in dramatically reduced operations costs as well as improved network performance and uptime.

Benefits include:

  • Automatically detect and isolate passive equipment outages in real-time
  • Visualize subscriber and passive equipment health on topology maps

Automatic Grading of Service Quality

Beyond just failures in the passive network, in order to improve customer experience and network performance, service providers need a way to be able to identify service or performance impacting issues on each customer device.

vSure dynamically grades subscriber service quality using a combination of RF, voice, and data metrics to alert operators of issues and automate notifications and actions.

Subscriber service quality results can be correlated to the passive network infrastructure to identify network performance issues being caused by the passive network.

Benefits include:

  • Automatically detect soft failures and service quality issues in real-time
  • Visualize subscriber and passive equipment health on topology maps


Topology maps with graphical overlays

vSure integrates with provisioning and customer management databases to automatically present and update network maps including core, CMTS, passive, and cable devices. vSure then overlays both reachability and service quality on the topology maps to highlight regional and local issues and to quickly identify more systemic network issues.

Benefits Include:

  • Visualize where issues are occurring in your infrastructure
  • Quickly drill-down into affected services or devices

Actionable Key Quality Indicators (KQIs) for network Congestion and Degradation

vSure provides quick access to consolidated Quality of Service (QoS) and Key Quality Indicator (KQI) views to identify CMTS stream congestion and degradation allowing the provider to optimize network performance and customer experience.

Out-of-the-box KQIs for Congestion, Degradation and Errors on CMTS Streams provides a ranked view of the most impacted streams to focus diagnostics efforts of Network Operations staff. Additional KQIs can be created and the formulas for existing KQIs can be modified.

Benefits include:

  • Automatically identify congestion, degradation, and error in streams and visualize the impact to subscribers
  • Rank and focus efforts on issues with the most subscriber impact

Voice Quality

vSure provides real-time, actionable metrics and analytics on MOS scores for MTAs and eMTAs with configurable thresholds. These thresholds, both static and dynamic, can be configured to generate alarms and notifications when MOS scores fall below acceptable levels.

Benefits include:

  • Visualize MTA and eMTA voice quality
  • Detect and report on quality issues

DOCSIS 3.x Support

vSure provides full DOCSIS 3.x and previous version support allowing operators to view bonded channel details for any device, view the performance metrics for all bonded channels and apply customized fixed and dynamic thresholds to these metrics.

Advanced base lining and configurable thresholds

vSure learns “normal” values for each metric over a period of weeks. Once established, dynamic thresholds can be created to alarm values that deviate from normal.  Both fixed and dynamic thresholds are supported with multiple threshold levels for escalating severities.

Baselines are also displayed in charts, graphs, and reports allowing one to easily compare current values with the historical baseline.

Benefits Include:

  • Quickly visualize normal and abnormal performance
  • Set meaningful, dynamic thresholds without tedious manual effort


Easily create sophisticated graphical and tabular reports with vSure’s easy-to-use report designer including detailed, summary, and top-n type of reports. vSure supports several report run modes including interactive as well as batch modes with scheduling capabilities. In interactive mode, vSure reports are displayed interactively in the browser and support drill-down capabilities. In batch mode, reports are generated in the background and can be delivered directly to your inbox automatically.

vSure also includes an advanced mode which allows for reporting on any database including external sources such as trouble ticketing systems. This allows external data to be pulled into vSure easily.

Benefits Include:

  • Create specific reports which present data in a form useful to you
  • See resource utilization and plan for the future
  • Report on data from external systems


vSure dashboards allow users to create their own customized user interface allowing them to view all the information they need access to on a single page. Most components in vSure including event and alarm lists, performance reports, topology displays can be easily added to a dashboard page. Dashboards are drag and drop based and can easily be arranged as desired.

Furthermore, dashboards are fully interactive allowing you to acknowledge alarms or drill into performance issues as you would with any other page in vSure. Dashboards can also be shared with other users and groups.

Benefits Include:

  • Create customized, interactive views that summarize service and network health
  • Create views for specific groups and departments

Smart Plug-ins

vSure smart plug-ins contain all metrics needed to fully monitor every type of device, regardless of protocol. With its drag-and-drop delivery and huge library of plugins to choose from vSure offers quick time to value with minimal effort.

Smart Plug

Carrier-grade scalability

vSure’s linear scale-out architecture allows on-demand capacity expansion and supports any size network. With proven scalability to millions of devices it is well suited for even the largest networks.

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Centina's vSure® is a highly scalable, customer-centric strategic assurance solution that offers a full 360 degree view of any type or size network so that businesses can streamline and manage the quality and availability of their networks and services.

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