Service Analytics

Advanced service visualization, correlation, and analysis

Modern, software-defined and virtual networks are dynamic and volatile. Objects are created and changed constantly, increasing the difficulty of processing and understanding the relationships of these objects.

However, relationships provide a key aspect in understanding the behavior of modern networks. Without them we can’t visualize how a service is constructed or understand how performance in one layer affects the next.

vSure™ leverages modern graph databases in its analytics engine to process and analyze large volumes of relationship data at a speed and scale not previously possible.

Service Analytics


Quickly view service health with consolidated topology, alarming, and performance data with quick access to impacted customers and services. Easily drill down through all network layers to troubleshoot service issues.

Benefits include:

  • Comprehensive service visualization regardless of vendor, technology, or protocol
  • Real-time views of impacted services and customers
  • Dramatically speeds troubleshooting to reduce mean resolution time


As the world moves more towards virtualization and disaggregation, network and application services are becoming more layered and elastic. A network function is now a virtualized application that runs on top of virtual infrastructure which runs on top of physical servers. The relationship between physical and virtual is now much more volatile making it more difficult to understand the impact of any given physical failure.

vSure leverages its comprehensive, cross-domain graph database along with dynamic, bi-directional smart plug-ins to accurately track every service graph. vSure’s rich discovery capabilities, coupled with inventory and orchestration integrations, enrich and stitch together the service graphs providing a complete top-to-bottom view.

This allows vSure to propagate outages throughout the service graph providing visualization and understanding of impacts in real-time.

Benefits include:

  • One-click access to customer impact of any issue
  • See who and what is affected in real-time to quickly prioritize response and resolution
  • Easily export impact reports for analysis and action


In spite of all techniques alarm suppression an operator is still left with a set of anomalous alarm data – some alarms are actual, root-cause problems and others are symptoms that were caused by the root-causes. Determining root-cause from symptom remains a key aspect of assurance and is necessary for automation.

vSure’s innovative smart-plugins comprehensively model causality and normalize hard and soft failures across vendors automatically. This, combined with graph based analytics which focus on key concepts, allow vSure to determine root-cause and suppress symptomatic events with limited configuration.

Benefits include:

  • Reduce noise by automatically relating and suppressing symptomatic issues
  • Improve Mean Time To Repair by focusing on root-cause issues first


Key Quality Indicators of services are highly technical and unique to each type of service. Technical expertise is required to understand the quality indicators making it a challenge for non-technical people to determine service health.

vSure defines simple, straightforward grades from key quality indicators. Service quality grades are then displayed graphically enabling anyone to understand which services, customers, markets, or regions are performing poorly and how this is changing over time. Rollup and reporting of service grades gives valuable, business-level insight into service quality.

Benefits Include:

  • Understand quality of any service in an easy to understand, straightforward way
  • Determine which services, customers, markets or regions are performing poorly


Spotting SLA conformance violations before they occur is key to keeping customers happy and avoiding unnecessary penalties. Traditional SLA management systems compute conformance after-the-fact with the goal of providing weekly and monthly conformance reports. However, this is not proactive and does not provide actionable events that can be used to rectify issues before violations occur.

vSure tracks SLA conformance in real-time providing actionable events when an SLA is in danger of being violated as well as when a violation occurs. These events are then subject to vSure’s full automation capabilities allowing automatic notification and remediation of SLA issues proactively.

Benefits include:

  • Proactively spot conformance issues before penalties occur
  • Comprehensively report on conformance

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Centina's vSure® is a highly scalable, customer-centric strategic assurance solution that offers a full 360 degree view of any type or size network so that businesses can streamline and manage the quality and availability of their networks and services.

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