NetOmnia™ provides a comprehensive Service Assurance solution that provides a seamless solution across fault and performance monitoring as well as end-to-end views of the health and status of services and associated customers to dramatically improve customer experience and improve network performance.


Fault Management
NetOmnia can monitor any device, service or application in your network and consolidate your alarm monitoring into an easy-to-use interface with configurable Dashboards, automatically-generated network topology maps, Workflow Automation and Notification, Application Monitoring and configurable Threshold alarms.

Service Analytics
NetOmnia Service Analytics improves network performance and uptime by allowing operators to pinpoint the root-cause of network issues faster, as well as identify and prioritize events by services and customers affected.
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Performance Management
With NetOmnia Performance Management you can easily configure and apply metric collection, multiple high and low threshold level alarms, interactive drill-down reports and Dashboards to view alarm and performance data in a single view.
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Cable Assurance
With NetOmnia Cable Assurance you can monitor the health of your entire CMTS, Cable Modem and MTA infrastructure. View all modems and MTAs on topology maps down to street-level views. Zoom, search and filter to quickly identify network issues and minimize truck rolls.
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Ethernet Assurance
NetOmnia™ Ethernet Assurance is a standards compliant solution that provides unprecedented visualization and SLA monitoring of Ethernet services to ensure and improve customer experience. With off-the-shelf, multi-vendor support, NetOmnia™ Ethernet Assurance can be deployed and configured quickly to discover Ethernet services and begin monitoring and reporting on the health and status of customer services.

IT Service Monitoring
NetOmniaTM IT Alarm, Performance and Application Monitoring for IT Operations. The Next Generation of Fault & Performance Management & Monitoring.

SLA Manager
NetOmnia™ SLA Manager allows service providers to manage the full life cycle of SLAs with the ability to easily define, track and report on contractual Service Level Agreements. SLA Manager is an overlay to Centina’s existing end-to-end service monitoring modules giving it the ability to seamlessly monitor the operational performance of customer services to show the impact of network degradation and service outages on corporate agreed-to SLAs.

NFV and SDN Assurance