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“Centina’s plug-and-play solutions are now able to link service quality to rapidly evolving virtual network environments”

“Today operators face a major challenge to relate measures of network performance to End-to-End (E2E) Quality of Experience and user Service Assurance. Centina Systems specializes in bringing simultaneous visibility for service assurance together with network resource and performance monitoring.

In SDN/NFV networking when services request virtual resources ‘on demand’ separate mechanisms must relate those requests to the real time state of available resources and network capacity. Centina’s plug-and-play solutions are now able to link service quality to rapidly evolving virtual network environments.

Assuring E2E quality is even harder in virtual than in traditional legacy networks and Centina Systems is now addressing a critical requirement for both operators and businesses to successfully deploy and assure the quality of new and emerging services.”

Sue Rudd, Director of Service Provider Analysis, Wireless Networks & Platforms, Strategy Analytics



heavy_readingTest & Measurement for NFV

Network functions virtualization (NFV) is bringing significant change to the way that networks and services are tested and measurement and monitoring are performed. There is some uncertainty about the future of test, measurement and monitoring, and how it will be provided, not least because existing testing standards and practices are becoming less relevant as large carriers create new ecosystems that vendors need to fit into.

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Service Assurance – Centina Systems

In the service assurance market segment, Centina Systems, Monolith, EXFO, TEOCO, and Astellia target driving operation assurance transformation including use of performance management, visualization, automation, SDN/NFV and analytics innovation.

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Centina Systems: service assurance

Founded in 2006, Centina Systems provides solutions in the network performance monitoring (PM), fault and event management (FM) and service management (SM) segments. Its main customer base in the communications service provider (CSP) space includes cable multi-service operators (MSOs), fixed broadband service providers and mobile CSPs.

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Strategy Analytics: Monitoring Performance for End-to-End (E2E) Quality of Experience (QoE) as Access Goes Dark. Survey of Current & Future Solutions

Players like Google and Facebook now use HTTPS for mobile user access to their portals. As a result the Radio Access Network (RAN) is “Going Dark” for traditional tools that depended on HTTP headers to identify sessions/applications.

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Current Analysis: Centina Systems: Throws SDN/NFV Hat into Assurance Ring with vSure Launch

Centina Systems introduced its vSure solution aimed at driving operator adoption of SDN/NFV capabilities within service assurance environments. Now Centina must show its assurance-centric approach can influence operator SDN/NFV implementation.

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451 Research451 Research: Orchestration and OSS: Beauty, Meet Beast

Network orchestration in 2015 has been a tactical purchase by the operators, focused on managing the virtual network functions within a datacenter.

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Frost & Sullivan: Innovation in an Industry in Flux – Global Operations & Monetization ’10 to Watch’ in 2015

The 10 O&M companies that Stratecast has chosen as its 10 to Watch in 2015 are focused on meeting critical business challenges and technology enablement functions.

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451 Research451 Research: Centina Systems: the virtualized telco needs to move out of MoM’s basement

The company’s NetOmnia™ product is not specifically targeted at SDN/NFV implementations. However, its ability to correlate literally millions of network events at frequent intervals makes it particularly well suited to the demands of virtualized networking.

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gartner_small_logoGartner: 2013 Cool Vendors in Communications Service Provider Operational and Business Infrastructure report

NetOmnia’s™ plug-and-play architecture is a major innovation that reduces the Total Cost of Ownership
of assuring complex end-to-end services.

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current_analysisCurrent Analysis: Service Enablement Ecosystem: Redefining the Operator Network Environment Webinar

In this Webinar, Current Analysis looks at the importance and impact of the Service Enablement Ecosystem in redefining the overall operator network environment within Service Creation, Service Fulfillment, Service Assurance, and Service Billing.

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heavy_readingHeavy Reading: Service Assurance in SDN & Cloud

Service Assurance in SDN & Cloud examines how traditional service assurance tools function in the context of today’s cloud and IP networks and explains how those solutions must evolve to ensure the subscriber experience for different types of cloud services. The report explores how the concepts of SDN and NFV interact with these new service assurance challenges and analyzes the functions that a future comprehensive service assurance solution for the cloud must possess.

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current_analysisCurrent Analysis: Service Assurance: Can Service Assurance Rise to Meet the New Customer Experience Challenge?

The service assurance market segment is set to play a more central role in operator efforts to win customer experience battles, but are suppliers effectively packaging their solutions to meet the overall challenges customers face.

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