Complex network infrastructures are at the heart of every financial services institution and the performance of these networks is critical to their success. Network performance and service quality is now more important than ever as services evolve to include online banking, mobile payments, high speed transaction processing and cloud based services that are driving higher and higher volumes of data.

vSure® performance management provides end-to-end and hierarchical service visualization across IT backbone, access networks, applications and data center assets. In most financial services organizations, they have implemented multiple monitoring tools in different silos of the organization. These multiple systems mean that troubleshooting and resolving issues requires a lot of manual effort and swivel-chairing between multiple systems. vSure provides a single system and view across the physical and virtual network, applications and customer experience to dramatically improve and ensure network performance and reliability as well as customer experience.

The business benefits vSure provides financial services organizations include:

  • Consolidate multiple monitoring tools
  • Ensure availability of cloud services
  • End-to-end visibility of service quality and performance
  • Service visualization and analytics across physical and SDN/NFV networks
  • Application monitoring to ensure customer experience
  • Datacenter monitoring and assurance
  • Monitor performance and availability of optical, backbone, Ethernet infrastructure

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Centina's vSure® is a highly scalable, customer-centric strategic assurance solution that offers a full 360 degree view of any type or size network so that businesses can streamline and manage the quality and availability of their networks and services.

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