Energy and Utilities

Proactive Service Assurance for Smarter Networks

Grid modernization has caused utilities to rethink their network management strategies. What were once simple, passive devices at the customer premise, these networks have evolved into complex, interactive networks through advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), an integrated system of smart meters, communications networks, and data management systems that enables two-way communication between utilities and customers.

Furthermore, utility networks are being tasked with unprecedented responsibilities. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Optimizing real-time consumption data now available through AMI
  • Integration of new CRM and digital customer engagement strategies
  • Integration of DER and renewables
  • EV infrastructure
  • Smart city preparation and enablement

This new complexity demands more advanced service assurance solutions to address the dynamic nature of these networks and ensure optimal performance.

Managing Change and Assuring Quality During Digital Transformation

Most network management solutions area reactive. They wait until there is an interruption to respond.

Centina’s vSure® is designed to scale to the needs of networks undergoing digital transformation. vSure can not only accurately monitor the health of the network to pinpoint the root-cause of issues, it can predict potential problems before they impact customers.

To effectively assure the future networks of utilities, there is vSure. vSure offers the following benefits:

  • Seamless performance management of networks
  • End-to-end network management regardless of equipment type or vendor
  • Innovative Smart Plug-In technology that enables the rapid introduction and management of new services and technology
  • Comprehensive, multi-layer, end-to-end visualization and monitoring
  • Automated root-cause analysis to quickly pinpoint impacted services, reduce troubleshooting and downtime
  • Service quality analytics automatically grades service performance to help prioritize issues and automate dispatch
  • Out-of-the-box graph-based analytics correlates network noise into meaningful actionable events to identify the root-cause of problems quickly to reduce downtime
  • Proactive Performance Baselining learns what’s normal for your network and notifies when telemetry trends out of normal to head-off problems before they become service impacting

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