Cable MSOs

Today, cable providers have very diverse and complex networks that consist of cable HFC plant, transport and fiber networks, IT routers and switches, satellite and head-end infrastructure and environmental systems. They use a variety of systems to gather the fault and performance metrics they need to manage and monitor their networks and rely heavily on the expertise of their NOC staff.

Cable Assurance

The speed at which an outage or event is resolved frequently depends on who is currently on duty in the Network Operations Center (NOC). More experienced personnel can typically recognize patterns and events to troubleshoot events faster and initiate the required resolution procedure or truck-roll. Less experienced staff can take longer to troubleshoot events.

vSure® normalizes the troubleshooting process so that all NOC staff, regardless of experience, can visualize the root-cause of an event quickly and efficiently to get the problem resolved as quickly as possible.

vSure allows operators to view both fault and performance related metrics on a single screen to visualize the health of a particular service, customer or device.

Operators can create customized dashboards for CMTSs, servers, or any network region by selecting the desired reports, charts and external web sites to view information the way they need to see it. Out-of-the-box reports and dashboards are provided for Top-N modem-flaps, modems-by-SNR, bandwidth utilization and many others with the ability to quickly create reports and views for any network performance data.


vSure business benefits:

  • Improved network performance and reliability
  • Faster time to resolve problems
  • Reduced operations costs through automation
  • Improve customer experience and retention
  • Unlimited network size and scalability

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Centina's vSure® is a highly scalable, customer-centric strategic assurance solution that offers a full 360 degree view of any type or size network so that businesses can streamline and manage the quality and availability of their networks and services.

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