Holistic Monitoring

Monitor everything in your network with one tool

Businesses today have ever more complex networks to monitor. Today, most companies are still managing their networks in silos with a variety of monitoring tools for performance, fault, logs, and application monitoring. With this hodgepodge of systems, it is difficult for companies to see the full picture of how their services are performing. Because of the dependencies of network technologies and service layers, users must swivel-chair between multiple systems and coordinate with various departments to sift through the noise and figure out the root-cause of an issue.

There is a better solution though. With vSure™, users can view, monitor, troubleshoot and diagnose problems across physical and virtual networks and applications to resolve problems quicker and improve service performance and ensure customer experience.

vSure is a comprehensive monitoring solution that centralized and simplifies the assurance of networks, services and applications with out of the box support for thousands of devices and applications and can integrate easily with other systems and databases to provide proactive monitoring that can dramatically improve network performance.

With its combination of Smart Plug-ins, Application Monitors and integration into OpenStack and Open Daylight, vSure provides a holistic view of a business’ infrastructure that dramatically improved the challenges of monitoring complex environments.


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Centina's vSure® is a highly scalable, customer-centric strategic assurance solution that offers a full 360 degree view of any type or size network so that businesses can streamline and manage the quality and availability of their networks and services.

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