“As a growing company, it is difficult to maintain a variety of monitoring tools which require constant development and customization. Through exhaustive research of best in class industry solutions, we determined that Centina provides the most efficient combination of out-of-the-box functionality, configurability and ease-of-use.”

Jack Holladay
, Executive Vice President of Technology and Facilities

“Our existing systems were confined by a fixed structure that limited our ability to provide reports with the depth and detail required to meet the needs of our customers. vSure empowers our customers by granting them visibility into their own services, enabling them to self-diagnose issues. Since deploying vSure, it has allowed us to not only meet our mobile operator customers’ SLA obligations, but also grow our mobile backhaul business and reduce operations costs.”

Jesse Heck
Director of Operations at DCN

“We evaluated many solutions on the market and selected vSure™ as the product offered many significant benefits an advanced capabilities that better aligned with our business objectives. vSure™ provided us with a comprehensive suite of tools we need to understand the customer impact of infrastructure issue in real time.”

Richard Baughman
VP, Information Technology

Skyline Membership Corporation

“Providing the best customer experience possible is of the utmost importance to SkyLine Membership Corporation and Centina’s vSure solution helps us to do just that. vSure allows us to view our overall network health in one single solution, making it easier to understand and improve network performance. We are now able to quickly and proactively resolve issues for our customers in a way that was not possible before.”

Jimmy Blevins
CEO of SkyLine Membership Corporation


“Of all the products we evaluated, only vSure™ was an out-of-the-box solution. All the other Network Management and Service Assurance products were tool-kits requiring extensive customization and ongoing administration services. In addition, vSure™ enables us to be proactive and identify potential problems before our customers have service interruptions.”

Tom Durfee
VP, Network Operations


“Centina Systems’ vSure™ solution has allowed Conterra to improve network performance and assist in meeting our client SLAs.”

Dennis Francis
President and COO


“Our goal with this selection was to find the most comprehensive and innovative solution built on the latest technologies to allow us to deploy quickly and provide outstanding service and response times to our customers. We found Centina Systems to be the most advanced, flexible and easy-to-use system.”

Dan Liongson
Network Administration Director

“The underlying technology of vSure™ brought many advantages to the users. It has an intuitive web 2.0 interface that speeds troubleshooting and does not require a programmer or a full time Network Administrator. With vSure™, we were able to deploy the system and start monitoring our entire network in a week. After our evaluation of several systems on the market, we determined vSure™ is the best product and we have not been disappointed.”

Jim Wininger
Service Assurance and IT Manager


“Understanding where customer problems originate in the network is a critical aspect of providing the next generation of Internet services competitively. Enterprise communications are ever more bandwidth-intensive and complex thanks to the rise of cloud services, bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trends and more video-enabled applications.”

Michael C. Morey
President and CEO


“As operators continue to turn to Fujitsu’s communications networking portfolio to support the high-quality, high-bandwidth Ethernet services, ensuring quality of service and customer experience is critical, vSure™ allows us to deliver a comprehensive Ethernet solution with the ability to assure the service performance across multi-vendor networks.”

Paul Havala
VP of Planning


“vSure™ is really a business empowerment tool. We could not be happier with the level of holistic intelligence that we are able to gain into the performance of services across our networks. We can in turn take that information and make it work for us and our customers.”

Edmund Neus


“We wanted a next-generation network management and service assurance solution that could quickly support our entire network including our recent deployment of best-in-class middle mile transport infrastructure from Force10. The deployment of vSure™ took less than a week and provides us comprehensive visibility of the health of our services and customers which has resulted in improved network uptime and reduced operations costs.”

Dave Dengel


“In preparation for our launch later this year, our team evaluated the OSS and network management solutions on the market today from the leading best-in-breed OSS solution providers. Our goal with this selection was to find the most comprehensive and innovative solution built on the latest technologies to allow us to deploy quickly and provide outstanding service and response times to our customers. We found Centina Systems to be the most advanced, flexible and easy-to-use system. The deployment of vSure™ will allow GBI to accelerate our deployments and growth as well as provide an unprecedented level of network performance and customer visibility. It will significantly benefit our customers’ and our capabilities in the areas of service delivery and service assurance for many years to come.”

Dan Liongson
Network Administration Director


“We are impressed with the capabilities and the simplicity of vSure™. It is very easy to integrate new products and requires very little maintenance. Within a week we were able to turn up the system, train our staff and take it live.”

Scott McDowell
NOC Supervisor

“We are very pleased with vSure™. It is a great product with comprehensive functionality, yet simple to use. The support has been incredible. The Centina team has executed extremely well on their promises.”

Tom Whittaker
VP of Operations