Centina Systems Company Overview

In today’s highly competitive, information-driven environment, businesses must do their best to reduce operating costs and optimize resources. While legacy service assurance tools offered network monitoring, they did little to offer business value. Therein lies the evolution from legacy service assurance to strategic assurance.


Using Centina Systems’ solutions, businesses worldwide benefit from increased productivity, improved customer satisfaction and strengthened competitive advantage.

They used this experience to build a strategic assurance solution that delivers significant value to all types of business verticals including communication service providers, datacenters and IT organizations, utilities and large enterprises. NetOmnia™ provides the following differentiators, including:


At Centina Systems, Clients for Life forms the keystone of service. The philosophy of “Once a customer, always a customer” translates into fostering long-term relationships with our clients and supporting them through the demands of their constantly shifting business.


Centina Systems’ core values are the driving force upon which the company continues to grow.

Inspiration – to continuously challenge the norm and create new possibilities.

Innovation – to embrace change and deliver solutions in a fluid environment that ensures the customer a world-class experience.

Integrity – to commit to high work ethics and earn clients’ trust.

The entrepreneurial spirit and vitality, in tandem with the core values of Centina Systems, continues to shape its future and meet the demands of an ever-changing industry.